Fly-In 2019

The information for the annual Fly-In Drive-In Open House has been announced and will take place on Saturday, August 24th. Download the flyer (PDF / JPG).





Website Features

Our new website is now hosted at! (Note the .ORG instead of the old website at a .COM.)

Our new website includes several new and improved features:

  • A modern, responsive design that looks great on both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Beautiful photos from around Meadow Creek featuring many neighborhood interests.
  • A self-registration system for members to set up their own accounts. Registration is also open to individuals and not just households.
  • An email list subscription system. Subscribing is automatic with registration. This system is useful because it will help us keep our mailing list up-to-date and allow us to target specific messages to subgroups of Meadow Creek members, such as pilots.

Ideas for the Future

This website will continue to evolve and include new features over time. One idea is to provide an interactive Aircraft Safety Seminar online so that residents may view it at their convenience. Have any other ideas? Send them to the Website Administrator.